Intérim management compagnies

For over 20 years, our expertise is based on a professional management and communication work.

This experience has given us control of most facets of the profession and a passion for the « human factor » individually and collectively in the business world.

We have a strong experience in a most of those environments:

Interim Management companies

– Management of multicultural teams

– Project management and support for NGOs

– Help structuring companies and organizations

– Organizational audits

– Business Management

– Commercial development of local companies

– monitoring your sales force

– Implementation tools for control of trade performance

– Training

– Recruitment & Selection of employees

– Asset protection consultancy

– Person protection

People’s protection

You feel you or a member of your business or your family is potentially threatened?

We analyze your environment (workplaces, commuting, private place). We offer recommendations to reduce risks. Our methodology take care of your daily life.

We help you making the right decisions and offering the most suitable tools and methods to achieve your goals for in a short, medium and long term